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Jane Douyère and Frederick Rothery


Source: Louise Van Brandwyk

Source: Louise Van Brandwyk

In Memoriam

The Lord in His Almighty will, has called a mother dear,
To quit this world of sinner, to join His Heavenly sphere,
Her children left to mourn her, now weep that she's no more,
Deep sorrow reigns around them, for the dear one gone before.

They pray and pray devoutly for the one that death has claimed,
They beg for intercession, that her soul may be redeemed,
They kneel to ask God's mercy, for the spirit lately fled,
And pray that this fond parent, may this : Heavens gates be led.

The orphans in bereavement, cherish mem'ries of the past
Of the kind and loving mother, whose death a gloom has cast
The mother, who when living, fondly watched them with a cure,
In sickness, or in sorrow, or in health or in dispair.

Oft times spending anxious moments watching near a sick child's bed,
Or weeping tears in secret, for the father also was dead,
Never ceasing in her calms, to guide her children right,
By prayers at early morning, by vespers in the night.

And at the Great Communion when God will call for the world,
And summon all to answer to His all-powerful word.
May the Father and the Mother, be joined with Saints in love.
To greet their orphan children to the peaceful realm above.

F.M. Rothery
Prospect, Queensland
30th August 1882

Composed on the death of E B Douyère who died at Warwick, Queensland, 26th August, 1882, aged 54 years.

Olga Rothery and her parents : Frederick Rothery and Jane Douyère.

French grammar compiled by Nicholas Philip Rothery, belonging to Olga Rothery.
Source : Louise Van Brandwyk.

Source: Louise Van Brandwyk
Olga Rothery.

Source: Louise Van Brandwyk
Captain Surtees Rothery, also called Uncle Boy.

Source: Louise Van Brandwyk
Luke James and Alicemay, children of Louise Van Brandwyk, great great grandchildren of Frederick Montague(Nana) Rothery and Jane Douyere.

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