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Arrival in Australia

The French frigate: L'Artémise.

Photo source: Wikipedia on page "Cyrille Pierre Théodore LAPLACE"

During the years 1837, 1838, 1839 and 1840 the frigate L'Artémise was sailing, for the King of France, on a circumnavigation campaign with Captain Cyrille Pierre Théodore LAPLACE in command.
His book relating the campaign can be found on: Campagne de circumnavigation de la frégate l'Artémise...

A beautiful image of the Artemise at sea can be found on page iv.

Pages xvii to xxxix display the names, grades, origins of the crew and give some obervations about the sailors. A few died during the travelling, most of them did the full voyage and some of them chose to desert and stay in a new place.

When l'Artémise was anchored in Hobart (Van Diemen's island), 4 seamen deserted on January 24th 1839 : Jean-Marie RIO, Jean-François René FERCHAL, Malcolm MACPHERSON, Jean LAUGA.
At page xxxvi, Prosper DOUYÈRE, from Isle Bourbon (La Réunion Island), willingly embarked on the Artémise on May 30th 1837, as an apprentice seaman. He deserted at Sydney on March 15th 1839.

Prosper was not alone to have left the board and the circumnavigation trip that day. François RENAUDIN had opted for staying in Sydney as well.
Engagers' promises might have been the reason of their choice. Sydney in 1839 was booming. See page 232 Volume 2 of the same author.

Thanks to Marie-Hélène Douyère who found Prosper's name on the Artemise's role.

Pour les francophones, le volume 2 de la campagne de circumnavigation du même auteur décrit et donne l'opinion de l'auteur sur la vie et la société de Port Arthur, Hobart, Port Jackson, Sydney en plein essor en 1839. Volume 2

The Douyeres in Australia and their descendants.

In the CD "The early pioneers of Queensland", there are 41 references to Wellmande Prosper Douyère who arrived in Australia about 1839.

The unique known picture of Wellmande is small (see the size of the envelope in which it is kept)

Source : Louise Van Brandwyk.

The enlarged picture

Click on the horses to read an article about an event held at New Farm, Brisbane, Australia, on June 1846.





This watercolour by Conrad Martens shows Franklyn Vale as it was when Welmande was living at Bigge's camp.

Bigge's camp was on the run of Mr. H Mort.

Click on the picture above to read an article about a mean revenge.



Another watercolour of Franklin Vale by Conrad Martens.



Click on the bird to read another article from the Moreton Courier.



The following cup was brought to Australia by Wellmande  Prosper Douyère and was passed down from him to his great great great great grandson James Douyere.




   Wellmande Prosper Douyère married Bridget Elizabeth Warham, in Brisbane, Queensland, on August, 9th 1848. Their grave can be found in Warwick Cemetery, Catholic section.


Called Bessie, Bridget  Elizabeth Warham was born about 1826 in Charleville, Cork, Ireland. She was the widow of a solicitor, John Scott, who had passed away in 1847. Bessie had two daughters from her first marriage : Mary Scott and Ella Scott.

  • Mary Scott (married Thomas Brennan)

Wellmande and Bessie had eight children :

  • Maria Louisa Antoinette Tarceille Douyère (married Charles Bugden)
  • Jane Elizabeth Douyère (married Frederick Montague Rothery)
  • Myrthe Marguerite Annette Isadore Douyère (married George Croaker)
  • Eugenie Abbi Claudia Clothilde Imelda Fausta Douyère (married Albert Nicholson)
  • Bridget Elizabeth Douyère , called Bessie, (married Robert Coutts)
  • Ann Paume Douyère, called Annie, (married Martin James O'Grady)
  • Francis Vaudeville Douyère, called Vaude, (married Eleanor Fanny Dympna Bugden)
  • Diamantina Douyère, called Dimie, (married W. T. Michelmore)


Wellmande's rosary beads.

Source : Louise Van Brandwyk.

The following photo has been found in the belongings of a Douyere family living in La Réunion Island. At the back of the photo is written, in English the location 'Sydney' and the following words 'and his sister Claudine' which make us presume they are :

  • Eugenie Abbi Claudia Douyère and Francis Vaudeville Douyère,two of Wellmande's children.


  • Claudine Marguerite Croaker and one of her brothers George Croaker or Wellmonde de Sales Croaker, two of Wellmande's grandchildren.



Has this photo been taken about 1883 or about 1899 ? An expert in fashion might be able to tell us the date. Please contact me if you can clarify.


The discovery of  the two following photos sent, from Warwick (QLD) to cousins in India, at the beginning of the twentieth century was an important moment in our search. Those photos already testify the family relationship between the Douyeres in Australia and in India.


Source : Charmaine Bourne.

Sent to India, the wedding photo of Myrthe Marie de Sales COUTTS and George Henry HOGG , taken by Haig in Warwick, on the 18/1/1908.

Myrthe was the daughter of Elizabeth Bridget DOUYERE and Robert COUTTS, one of Wellmande's grandchildren.

Unfortunately we are missing the names of the men on the left. Perhaps they are : Robert COUTTS  (top) and Vaudeville DOUYERE.

The other names on the two lines are:

2nd  Joseph Douyère COUTTS, 3rd Bobbie COUTTS, 4th Myrthe COUTTS, 5th Beatrice COUTTS,

2nd Nellie DOUYERE, 3rd Myrthe's husband Mr  HOGG, 4th Marie COUTTS.

At the back of the photo we can read :



Mary SCOTT and Ella SCOTT,  the two daughters of Elizabeth Wareham's first marriage were treated by Wellmande as his. Mary SCOTT married Thomas BRENNAN as a Mary Scott Douyère, on the 05/01/1870.

Sent to India, the following photo, taken in 1902 by Haig (Warwick), displays the Brennan family.

Thomas Brennan and Mary Scott Douyère and their four children :

Patricia Alice Brennan, Ellen Ann Brennan, Michael Joseph Brennan and Mary Dympna Brennan.


On the back of the photo we can read the following





Jane Elizabeth Douyère (Mrs Rothery) (Olga Rothery's mother).

Wellmande's daughter





The photo shows Vaudeville Thomas Douyere (Wellmande's grandson)

  (the tallest one) in front of his shop "Parisian Divan"  (Warwick, Queensland).






Kristelle Douyère, Robert Douyère (great great great grandson of Wellmande and Bessie) and James Douyère.

Source : Kristelle Douyère


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Wellmande Douyère as an innkeeper is mentioned in the following site



Many thanks to :

  • Cheryl and Robert Douyere for the genealogy, the photo of Jane Elizabeth, the photo of Douyere's shop and their photo.
  • Marie-Hélène and Michel Douyère for sending the photo found in La Reunion.
  • Jean-Louis Douyère who found this photo at a cousin's home. 
  • Jean-Louis Douyere for the photo of Olga and her parents and for his help in researching.
  • Charmaine Bourne for the two photos sent to India.
  • Louise Van Brandwyk for some documents and information.
  • Christene Anderson and her friends Wendy and Martin for their most valuable expertise and help in searching the genealogical data and sending me the photos of the watercolours and some articles.

The objective of this site is to serve all the families named in the data. Would you please excuse any errors and forward the right details for rectifications. Also any  data additions are welcomed.

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